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With over 30 years in the marine, boating and guiding services, Rick is truly one of the best. Residing in the Havelock area of Ontario, Rick knows how to find all the big ones, as you can tell by the photo. Rick has arranged several fishing excursions to the USA and also runs a very successful Marine business in Havelock, Outback Marine Ltd., offering sales, service, repairs, canvas work and storage. He has also spent plenty of time "on location" with some of fishing's biggest names.

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Rick's Tip Sept 2015

With the water temperatures cooling now, the fish are starting to fatten up for the winter. Live Target has come out with their Bait Ball series this year. What a lure! Whether casting or trolling, this lure catches them all. The chartreuse color and trolling at 2.0 to 2.5 mph will get you the big Largemouth Bass you have been looking for. Beware though, Muskie love it too. Make sure you are least using 20lb leader ( 8 to 12 inches ) or say goodbye to that lure.