November 2016 Spotlight

Negmije “Angie” Vila


Although Angie has been a fan of Fish The Weedline for sometime now, I had not had the pleasure of meeting her until October of 2016. When Scottie Martin invited me to fish his little “honey hole” again, I mentioned that this would be a great opportunity to have Mr. Walleye & the Walleye Queen together for the first time.

And so we all went !!

Speaking with Angie that day lead me to realize that this young lady has come through some very tough times in her life and that fishing was her only escape to maintain a balanced life.

The following is Angie’s story in her own words.


Hello everyone. My name is Negmije “Angie” Vila, also known as the Walleye Queen. I am 32 years old residing in the Durham Region. I was born and raised in Scarborough Ontario, where at a young age I developed a passion for fishing and the outdoors.

Growing up in a fast developing city, my father always tried to get away up north as much as possible to have family barbecues and do some fishing. As I got older he began giving me his rod when he caught smaller fish so I could land them, and after my first fish I was hooked. I begged for my own rod and reel and I remember him giving me an old 2 piece Mitchell rod and reel and a yellow jig. He would tell me where to cast and I would try again and again to hit the spot he pointed out.

Finally one day, I casted out into a current flowing in the Trent Severn Waterway, when to mine and my father’s surprise I hooked a fish! Not a rock as I usually was used to, but an actual fish, and a walleye at that! My father was ecstatic as I had finally managed to catch my first walleye and even brought it to shore on my own. Now I was really hooked!

As the years progressed my passion for fishing grew. In my late teens I purchased my first pair of chest waders and was now standing side by side with my father in fast currents, catching walleye.

In my early 20’s, I was diagnosed with depression, anxiety and PTSD. My father decided the best therapy for me was to get outside and go fishing, which led to 5-6 trips up north every week for a solid year. My skills grew and fishing had become my go to therapy for when life became too much to handle. In my mid 20’s I moved to the Durham region and lived within walking distance to a local tributary. I learned that there were rainbow trout and salmon that migrated up the river each year and decided to try my luck. I caught my first rainbow on a solo mission and it lead to an even greater passion for fishing. I went down to the river a few times a week and with trial and error learned how to catch rainbows and salmon with a few tips from my father.

I am now an avid multi species angler, and have caught walleye, bass, northern pike, gar pike, carp, salmon, rainbow brown and brook trout. I am currently a member of the Great Canadian Female Anglers as well as sponsored by a group in the U.S. called Bout That Life Fishing. Thanks to social media I have made a name for myself in the fishing community, and have made many new contacts and friends, including my childhood fishing idol, Italo Labignan who I got to meet earlier this year at the sportsman’s show. I have also been featured by Scottie Martin of CFN as well as Peter WF of Fish The Weedline and am extremely grateful for the opportunities they have given me. I hope to one day be able to help others struggling with mental illness by introducing them to the outdoors and fishing as a method of therapy and coping. I will continue to persevere and learn new methods and species, but will always have a passion for catching my favourite fish, walleye.

Gear and Tackle

Ugly Stik medium light action rod, Pfluger President reel, Stren monofilament line between 10-16 lb depending on species targeted.

Rapala X-Rap, Husky Jerk and Original Floating for walleye, bass, muskie and pike

Mepps Aglia Spinners in gold, silver and bronze for salmon and trout, as well as Black Fury and Yellow blade for bass, walleye and pike


March 2016 Spotlight

While wandering around the Spring Fishing & Boat Show, I happened to come across a little company from the Sudbury area..





Bait-2-go is a small light weight bait holder that can be temporarily mounted on any boat or even carried on your waist for quick, easy access to your favorite baits ( including minnows, leeches, worms etc. )
Starting at about 10 dollars for the basic unit and up to about 30 dollars for all of the added mounting features, this is truly one of those little products that would be especially great for the kids. No fuss, no muss !
Visit their website & make sure you watch watch the video. Bait-2-Go will even customize orders with company logos, which makes for a great gift or piece of swag. !!!
Bait-2-Go website – ( )

July 2015 Spotlight

An Almost Tragedy
So while Fish The Weedline were out doing a little fishing on the Otonobee River, July the 11th, a small canoe with 2 adults and a (about) 3 year old girl went paddling by us, just having some summer fun in the sun. At this point I had asked if I could take a picture of them for the website... they gladly agreed. Pictures taken...nice!
When they started to paddle over to the boat to accept one of our business cards, sure enough...foolish jet skiers and poker run boats, went speeding by and caused the canoe to capsize. This was in a very wide part of the river, so there no reason to be within 15 yards of a canoe & anchored boat.
While the gentleman (father?) was trying frantically to maintain the gear, I noticed that the little lady was starting to be taken downstream with the current... I jumped in and swam towards the little lady and her grandmother. At this point "grandma" had gotten ahold of the girl and were starting to swim for shore, when sure enough a very large cruiser ( 40 plus feet ) within about 30 yards of us, wide open, went flying by, creating at least a 4 foot high wake behind it. "Grandma" trying to calm down a crying girl, debris all over the place, very high wakes, a capsized canoe and 4 people in the water and not one of these foolish boaters slowed down or offered assistance, even though there was a clear day with unlimited visibility, nice going morons.
Finally once boat traffic had calmed, the canoe righted, all gear returned, and the family back in the canoe, the little lady was starting to laugh at her adventure. This had to be the bravest little girl I have seen in a very long time, and thanks to "grandma" will live to see another canoe ride again!
A " tip of the hat " goes to this family for being very calm in what could have been a drastic situation!!


October 2016 Spotlight

Simple Fishing

So after receiving an email from Simple Fishing, I decided to look into them….

What I found from friends and colleagues alike was one of the most fun and easiest ways to keep your tackle box full of all the gear you will need throughout the year.  You have choices between different plans to sign up for and NO long term commitments.

Simple Fishing is the only fishing subscription service to offer a choice based on your skill level. Perfect if you are just starting out or an advanced angler.

For the kids in the family, it’s like Christmas every month, just waiting for the next package to arrive. is full of tips for the kids, right up to the old seasoned pro.

Fish The Weedline proudly gives this Canadian owned & operated company…

2 Fins Up


Just click on the logo and start the fun for yourself.

October 2015 Spotlight


Every once in a while, when not looking...along comes a couple of very unique products that catches you off guard.  Because this site is dedicated to campers & anglers alike, sometimes you just don't have the space to pack a lot of gear. Here are two solutions to that problem, that you can take anywhere with you.

Being a fellow Canadian, I must introduce you first to the Deeper Fishfinder.

Deeper Fishfinder sonar uses Bluetooth technology to transfer sonar readings to your smartphone device from up to 150 feet (45 meters). No cellular data required for the sonar to operate, thus it can be used anywhere. The smart sonar works in the depths from 1.5 feet  to 40 feet, both salt and fresh waters. With the weight of only 0.22 pound/ 100 gram and 2.6-inch/ 65 millimeter diameter, The Deeper fishfinder is smaller and lighter than any other traditional sonars or flashers. A portable, tennis ball size device allows you to fish any time of the year and in places other fish finders cannot reach - shore, dock, bridge, kayak, or boat.

the Deeper Fishfinder sonar is compatible with Android 2.3+ and iOS 5+ smartphone and tablet models that have integrated Bluetooth technology. With the Deeper Fishfinder app, it provides you with the unique content and latest features - lunar fishing calendar, integrated camera function, up-to-date weather reports, customized fishing log, integrated map function, and social media networks. Different unit system, sonar frequency, and even app language can also be chosen.

Deeper Fishfinder Website


Squiddies Flipreel is a modern take on the ancient art of handline fishing, a fun and easy way to start fishing. No heavy tackle boxes or cumbersome rods needed. The Flipreel comes complete with a builtin line cutter and tackle... enough to get everyone fishing in minutes in any river, lake or stream, the kids will love this! Squiddies also offers a small line of tackle, sold separately or of course you can use your own tackle & bait. Light weight and compact designed the Flipreel will go anywhere with you...even keep it in the glovebox of your car in case you want to catch a quick shorelunch somewhere.


( click either image for the website )


Both Flipreel & Deeper Fishfinder seem to be a perfect match for anytime, anywhere fishing with the family..

Disclaimer: although FTW has not yet tried either of these products, but we are dedicated to help source out inexpensive and fun products for the whole family for your "summer fun in the sun".