Part of the mission of Fish The Weedline, is to promote “Summer Fun In The Sun”… cheaply, for those that can’t afford the high costs of vacations and equipment.


Recently I ran across Mr. Glenn Herdy  & Mr. Chris MacKinnon of KIDS OUT FISHING at one of the shows. I had never heard of this organization before then. What an awesome group !


KIDS OUT FISHING is all about exposing “underprivileged” kids with the opportunity to be able to enjoy some Summer Fun In The Sun and go fishing.


The programs KIDS OUT FISHING offer range from, Guided Trips to Derby’s… all FREE !!


Being a not for profit, at the end of the fishing day, the kids actually get to keep the tackle they used at no cost to them. Personally I can’t see a better way to keep the kids thinking of the “next time”. They’ll have stories of the “one that got away”, they’ll have memories that will last a lifetime too…best of all become “forever anglers”…


So, if you can afford to help out with either your time, some product, make a small donation  or even offer to take out the KIDS for a day in your boat, please contact Glenn or Chris.


I know we at FTW will be making that offer… now how about you??



Tel: 289.477.0188