Canadian Product of the Month.


As our thoughts turn to spring and the season opener, we all know summer is just around the corner. Of course there are the “die hards” that will shoreline fish even in the harshest of Spring/Winter days.
Imagine being on the shore, casting and dreaming of some hot food or hot coffee.. well there is a portable and light way to have that… a collapsible Stick Stove by KIHD Products of Oakville, ON.
Small, lightweight and with a few sticks, or pinecones, or even some briquettes, hot coffee and food is only a few minutes away. Or just use it to warm up your hands !
Perfect for that shore lunch…
The KIHD Stoves come in for different configurations, depending on your needs.
Keep it in your backpack, with your tackle, emergency kit or even in the boat.

Let’s keep supporting Canadian innovators and business like KIDH.
Check out their product line by going to: KIHD Products
You can shop online or purchase from a number of fine outdoor retailers here in Ontario