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Draws will be monthly starting at the zone 17 Walleye Opener 2019.

( Draws will be held the 15th of each month until December 2019. One picture per entry and must include a valid email address )



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Fish The Weedline



Military Members, Vets & Police Officers

Fish The Weedline proudly supports all of the members of the Canadian Military, Police Services and Veterans.

If any vet or current member would like to spend a day fishing in the Peterborough area with us, just send us an email.

We will supply the boat, fuel and BBQ dinner ( or shore lunch ) at no cost to you.  If you don't have any equipment, no problem!

The only thing you will have to do is make your own travel arrangements and please try to keep it to one or two people only, my boat is only a SmokerCraft 162

Anglers or fly fishing !

Maybe one of you could teach me fly fishing???

Some restrictions will apply.


$12 each.

Your tackle box won't be complete without one of these!


Sam Griffin is a renown Bass Angler, that has won several tournaments on Lake Okeechobee. FLA.

Aside from Sam's tournament wins, Sam has been guiding for over 60 years and has come out with his own lures.

"When all else fails, go back to the water and shallow running cranks." - Sam Griffin

Sam is pleased to have Rick Roda ( Fish The Weedline's Pro Angler ) distributing these products in Canada.

Contact Rick at for all dealer & sales inquiries.