Scottie Martin and his "little baby" walleye

This is a Charity Event for Ringwood & Metro East Anglers, aside from the "Big Fish Challenge”, there will be NO prize money awarded.

All MNR fishing regulations must be followed at all times. Little Lake, Otonabee, Rice Lake ( Zone 17 )

(Follow The Below Link to Regulations for Zone 17)

Boat inspection at gas docks from 6:00 to 6:30am. Leave after inspection. Return to marina by 1:30pm for lunch and draws.
Hamburgers, Hot Dogs & Pop will be available.
Must be recognized by the weigh master as in Marina docking area by 1:30pm.
Let's try to keep this a "catch & release" day.
Display team number card on boat during fishing hours
Rain or Shine - Money will not be refunded, this is a charity event to aid Metro East Anglers & Ringwood Hatchery
Fishing Lakes / Rivers has it's risks, FTW / Metro East Anglers and it's derby organizers are in no way responsible for your safety.
It is up to each individual to determine proper action when it comes to matters that can effect their safety.
Derby officials monitor channel 69 and have final say in all matters pertaining to rules and their enforcement
Largest Muskie or Pike - Please provide a "clear" photo indicating weight
( 25.00 Entry)
Best 3 Fish - Any combination of Bass, Walleye, Perch etc. ( NO Muskie )
(25.00 Entry )
You can enter none, one or both "Challenges"
The total amount of entry fees collected for each "Challenge" will be collected by the boat captain & team
Photos for the Muskie/Pike Challenge must be clear of all hands and show a viewable photo of the scale & fish
Maximum 15 Boats to be entered.

The first 5 boat entries received, will Simple Fishing "Random Lure Of The Month Box"

(One box per boat)

Note: This area can be notorious for OPP and CO's, any fish over the slot must be kept alive in a live well and released later. If this is not possible, see rules regarding the Muskie/Pike Challenge.

Have a weigh scale and measuring tape handy on your boat.