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For September 2016, We would like to thank our friend Terry Hartwick for sharing his love for his dad, daughter & the sport of fishing.


This is Terry's story and some of his fantastic tips for catching the big ones.

Hi my name is Terry Hartwick, I am 32 with an 8 year old daughter who also loves to fish like I do. It is a passion since day one and always will be. She has some very big fish under her belt already including big largies, big smallies, walleye, pike and all pan fish. My daughter is my motivation in life and keeps my wild side in check.

I was born and raised in the Kawartha Lakes region and have been here my entire life. My father got me hooked on fishing as soon as I was able to walk. We would fish almost every evening together on Canal Lake. Back then Canal was one of the best fisheries in the Kawartha’s for big bass, pike, muskie, catfish, crappie and walleye.

When I was in diapers my dad used to hand me his rod when he hooked up, allowing me to battle whatever species was on the end of the line. I remember very well he would use the Five of diamonds spoon, also known as the Yellow Devil. The pike went crazy over this lure.

I lost many fish, as I was so young, just battling these monsters. Still my dad (aka mentor) never gave up on me as he would continue to hook fish and pass the rod over to me.

I remember times he had to hold onto me so that I could fight these fish safely.

By the time I was 5, I was well on my way and soaking in as much information as possible, like a sponge.

I would ride my bicycle to the bridge or causeway with my tackle box in one hand and my fishing rod in the other hand resting on my handle bars. I was landing pike and bass on my own by the time I was 8 years old, just shore fishing…alone

I was catching a lot of fish by now. The bait store down the road from where we lived used to put all my photos up in the store with my name, age and date the fish was caught. This meant a lot to me and inspired me to fish even more.

I quickly learned that catfish were being very active at night. So now, I was fishing for pike and bass during the day and catfish at night using night crawlers, fish after fish… nonstop action, I loved it!

One evening, I think I was around 10 or 11 at the time, I had caught this toothy, gold colored fish and then a few more after that in the same evening,

I thought wow this is a cool looking fish, not knowing what it was, I took two of them home to show my dad. “that's a pickerel”, he said, ”aka walleye, very good eating”.

I just had to go back the next night and caught plenty more. This went on every evening all year long. I already had these walleyes figured out and dialed into their feeding patterns. Orange floating Rapala minnows or yellow Twister Tails were the two best baits.

I continued to fish more and more as I got older, continuing to learn more. Looking for weed lines to fish, since I knew the pike and bass were there. I lost some big ones and landed some big ones.

At this point I was figuring out my own new tricks and techniques. I was now a “slayer”. As I got a bit older I started to learn the ways of muskie. I would setup for these fish and off I would go. Our home was surrounded by many lakes, so I knew there was plenty of muskie to catch.

Taking friends out and putting them on fish, brought a lot of enjoyment for me and excitement for them.

Today I fish more than ever, after work, weekends, whenever I find a few moments. But my passion will always be muskies. I've got these fish dialed in. My first 50" came out of Mitchell Lake, in fact I got two in one week there.

I also have a passion for fishing walleyes in the spring and fall. My favorite techniques are to jig for them and bottom bouncing using live minnows on a jig head or Fluke Minnows and Fin S Minnows

Sometimes I’ll use the current to run Rapala Minnows, such as the BX Minnow imitating the famous shiners that walleyes enjoy feeding on.

Some of my favorite baits are as follows...


Bucktails and Jakes in warm water.

Soft Plastics such as large Tubes and Bulldawgs in the fall cold water as they slow down.


Fluke Minnows, Fin S Minnows, Rapala Minnows, Lipless Cranks and Live Bait.

Small & Largemouth Bass:

Tubes, Twisters, Shads, Chatterbaits, Senkos, Fluke Minnows, Fin S Minnows, Small Crank Baits and Spinner Baits


           Jerk Baits, Bucktails and In-Line Spinners.


Live Worms and Minnows presented on bottom.

Steelhead Trout:

           Roe, Wooly Bugger's, Egg Sucking Leech, Kwik Fish and Pink Worms


           Skein, Wooly Bugger's, Spinners and Cleo's


Lake Trout:

Spoons in open water. White Tubes, Lipless Shads, Swammers, Swimbaits, Williams Spoons and Live Minnows


           Williams Spoons, Bad Boys, Live minnows, Buckshots and Small Shads.

Jumbo Perch:

           Live Minnows, Buckshots, Slab Grabbers, Streamside Minnow and Small Tubes.


           Pin heads, Small Mepps, Small Tubes and Small Twisters.

Long Nose Gar Pike:

           Floating Rapala Minnows ( Tips from Italo Lebignan )

A thank you to Italo Labignan – Canadian Sport Fishing

A friend and I were Musky fishing when we came across some Gar and had trouble keeping them hooked up.

We both wanted so badly to land one but just couldn’t get it done. Then I watched a YouTube video Italo had posted on fishing for Long Nose Gar.

In this video Italo was giving amazing tips on these fish such as how to handle them, fight them, their favorite places to hangout during certain times of day/season and weather conditions.

I took this information from him and went back out in search of Long Nose Gar.

Well my good friend and I were hooking up and staying hooked up, we landed our first Long Nose Gar each that day. I have no one to thank other than Italo Labignan.

We sight fish them now and get the job done.

If you are reading this Italo, I want to thank you graciously for teaching me how to catch Gar.

Not only can I now catch them, but know how to handle them safely, while returning them home, safe and sound.

So thank you from the bottom of my heart Italo and many thanks for all of your informative videos and posts. I do learn a lot from you.

I hope to one day thank you in person, I hope even more so I can thank you while fishing beside you.

Keep doing what you do Italo, never stop.



Editors note:

You can contact Terry though his Facebook pages - Terry Hartwick or Reel Fishing Ontario.



April 2016 Tips

Fishing License - Check

Boat Prepped and Ready - Check

Motor Tuned Up - Check

Safety Equipment Inspected - Check

Reels Respooled - Check

Trailer Prepped and Ready - Check

Ripp'n Baits Jigs added to your tackle box - check ( if not, click link on the right to find your nearest dealer )

Remember NO fishing for walleye this year on Lake Scugog

May 2016 Tips

For those slow days when fishing for Walleye, first you Need a Ripp'n Baits Jig.

You can order through Bam Baits, or purchase at a local dealer found here on the "Get Your Gear Here"

Find a weed line and stay on the edge of it.

Now you are ready for the reaction type of bite... with a short cast out into the weeds, let it fall to the bottom.

Take up the slack then rip the line up about 3-4 feet from the bottom. let fall.

Walter will bite when the jig is falling. These type of days, they will hit short, so have your trailer hooks ready.

On cloudy days, make sure to use the chartreuse and you'll be filleting in no time.


June 2016

Watch as Claudio discusses rigging soft plastics and their uses with Scottie Martin.

Bam Baits are the soft plastics of choice, we has a blast fishing them on Rice Lake.

Special thank you to Nick ( owner ) of Bam Baits.

( Click Image Below )




July 2016

This month Claudio would like to put the "Spotlight" on a young angler that puts family & friends first and fishing second. While somehow balancing his family, starting a new business and keeping everyone in check on his Facebook pages... he is certainly a well grounded gentleman.

I would like to introduce you to Mr. Cam ( Cameron ) Aspden.



The following are Cam's own words on family & fishing.

Hi, my name is Cameron Aspden, I am 27 years old and I do love to fish.

The biggest mistake made about fishing is that it’s all about catching fish.

Fishing to me, is a miniscule examination of life itself. Personalities come out while fishing and there’s no way to hide it.

Since I was old enough to walk I’ve had a pole in my hands. Fishing irrigation ponds for stocked trout and bass, then getting out most weekends on Long Point Bay, fishing with mom and dad in the boat.

Growing up in a hunting family and being the oldest, I was looked upon to take over for the generations of hunters in our family and become one myself.

Well I took a different route, dad and the rest of the hunters made their way to their tree stands in the fall, I made my way to the riverbank where the steelhead migration had started, but on occasion, I still join them on hunts.

When I go to my fishing holes, I walk as far back as I can at first light and then make my way back throughout the course of the day.

During my little hikes, as I pass every one, ( including the older gentlemen that can’t walk that far anymore) they all run to their first and closest holes just to pound out their fish for Facebook pictures and Instagram likes. So I wonder sometimes, “ why not just enjoy the day and have some fun, without all of the distractions”.

I have learned that being in the outdoors and being one with nature is far more rewarding than catching a fish. Catching is just a bonus for me when I’m out on the river or at my favourite honey hole.

For me, fishing is also a never ending learning cycle. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you’re from or what you have experienced, there is always something to learn on every occasion you get out, which is why I love fish.




Editor's note

If you would to contact Cam, he can be found through his Facebook pages;

Otter Valley Outfitters


Fishing Ontario


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